Wednesday, May 21, 2003

The Summer of Mac
Big Blue breaking the news?

It appears that IBM has actually blown its own cover regarding the much-anticipated PowerPC 970 to BusinessWeek, with an article entitled "Will This Be the Summer of Mac?" dishing the dirt.

Apparently, IBM let slip that they're actually developing a 64-bit chip for Apple. While the actual name "PowerPC 970" isn't mentioned - neither is the chip's reported ancestor, the POWER4 - and no IBM execs (hell, not even the mailroom guy) are quoted. But the article does have this juicy tidbit to share:

That's not even counting an anticipated initial speed boost in the new chip's clock cycle to well over 1.8 Ghz -- and likely well beyond that over the course of the year.

The Summer of Mac, eh? Sounds good to me...


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