Monday, May 12, 2003

Summer of the GOBI?

With G3 "GOBI" rumors picking up even more steam, I've tossed a GOBI iBook on to the Rumor Watch column.

Considering the fact that Apple's now participating in two major trade shows early this summer (in case you missed it, Apple's booked an hour presentation into IDG's New York expo), there are two opportunities - one in June and one in July - for an iBook announcement/release.

The basic idea would be that Apple would announce PowerPC 970-based Powermacs and Powerbooks at the WWDC keynote. With Powerbooks running on 970s, updated iBooks would no longer pose a (more) serious threat to Powerbook sales. With that in mind, Apple can then announce GOBI iBooks at either WWDC (but then again, how many "One more things" can Steve have?), or during their subdued New York presentation (or just randomly between the two). I wouldn't be surprised to see a WWDC announcement, considering this the Year of the Laptop and all.

Details on such a nice new iBook are virtually nonexistent, but a hardware redesign is expected (let's face it, the whole "giant white chiclet" thing is getting kinda old). Such a redesign may actually be necessary for the unit, considering the alterations required for a new processor and AirPort Extreme.

Sure, the GOBI is no 970, but its name is much more fun to say.


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