Thursday, May 22, 2003

Safari going golden?

Think Secret is reporting that not just is the Safari Seed Program back under way, but that the latest seed (v78) is coming close to a final version.

According to the article, Safari should be at Golden Master (GM) status in June, with a target date being just weeks before the WWDC keynote.

Also of interest is that Safari, once GM, will begin to see heavy OS integration, beginning in Panther (10.3). Think Secret claims that 10.3 will include a special "Panther-Only" version of Safari with new features that integrate it into the system.

Since Safari will be ready to go with version 1.0 months before Panther's release, Apple may very well replace Internet Explorer with the brushed metal browser as the default web app in 10.3.

Panthers and Safaris, eh? Sounds like Steve's hitting the jungle.


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