Thursday, May 01, 2003

Pod thoughts...

With forums raging in debate over Apple's apparent decision to rob owners of existing iPods of the latest software features, something came to my attention at the Apple website.

Many people have commented that this Apple comment on version 2.0's compatibility is vague, and I tend to agree. It sounds as if Apple just wants to buy some time with the iPod software updates, but why?

Well, here's what I realized. At this page for updating to software version 1.3, Apple makes a point that there's no Windows version of the software ready yet. Apparently, that's coming in "early May." Hey, today's early May! And so's tomorrow! And the practically all of next week! Interesting.

And, of course, things get more interesting, because when you thing about it there's no reason to give Windows users version 1.3. The update is just designed to add AAC support (and move that stupid backlight selection), and Windows users don't have the whole AAC iTunes Music Store thing (at least not for a good five or six months). If they aren't downloading AAC, why do need to support it on their iPods?

While there's always a possibility that Windows users might just get their backlight selection inconveniently moved, I can't help but doubt that. It's more likely that Apple is holding back software that either is 2.0 or has some of 2.0's key features just so they can get as many impulse buys of the new iPod as possible.

So for all the reasons listed above, "iPod Software Update" has been added to the Rumor Watch column, with "Soon" listed for the release. Yes, it's a bit of gamble, but I guess we'll just have to wait for soon to come and go, and find out what's really going on here.


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