Thursday, May 29, 2003

Oooohh... "Mystery Ports"...

Does it seem like just about every single Powermac 970 rumor is coming from the French folks at MacBidouille these days? Well, they're at it again.

Today, MacBidouille is reporting on PowerPC 970 motherboards (which is a subject MacWhispers has brought up before, but not recently), giving the following specs.
- Firewire 800 (two ports)
- Firewire 400 (one port)
- USB (three ports)
- Audio connectors (three)
- and five unidentified ports (grouped in three and two)

That's right, Mystery Ports. Now that sounds like fun! Of course, there are a few things missing from MacBidouille's description. They're trivial things like Ethernet and a Power connector. Sure, they could be the "Mystery Ports," but that means there are two power cords and three ethernet ports. And, more importantly, wouldn't you be able to recognize an ethernet jack?

Obviously, there some questions raised by MacBidouille's report. But the overall question really comes down to is MacBidouille making up these 970 reports, or do they have one hell of a well placed source (or sources)? For now, it seems that only time will tell.


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