Monday, May 12, 2003

Name game...

Here's something to consider:
With a Stevenote promising PowerPC 970 Macs just over a month away, one has to wonder what Apple will name the new processor.

The G [fill in the blank with a number] scheme has only applied to mostly Motorolan processors (although IBM does produce some G3s and is reportedly working on the G3 GOBI), and the G4 in particular has been associated with desktop machines more than lagging in clock speed (but not necessarily performance, of course).

So, the question is will we see the Powermac G5, or will Apple adopt a new naming system? I personally like the idea of just calling it the Powermac 970 (and the Powerbook 970), but maybe Apple has something more creative up its product naming sleeve.

One thing's for sure. If the new processor's name has an i, e, or x in it, I'll scream.


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