Saturday, May 10, 2003

Links ahoy!

While I've fallen a bit behind with regular posts, I've reorganized the ever exciting "MacUnderground's Left Column!" Exciting, indeed.

The "Rumor Watch" is still at the top (and it's due for some new rumors this weekend) and the obligatory endless list of weekly archives is still at the bottom (and still getting freakishly long).

So what's changed? Why, the middle has changed! The old "Recommended" section for links has been split in two.

On top is the "Rumor Picks" section for excellent rumor sites (in this case it's Mac Rumors and Think Secret, who had the most accurate predictions back at MWSF03).

Below "Rumor Picks" is the new section for my favorite and slightly offbeat links. I'm calling it "Fav Links" (for now at least), and it currently features my absolutely favorite Mac site, As the Apple Turns, and my "offbeat" choice, Snappleton (yes, as in the beverage Snapple).

I told you it was just so exciting.


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