Friday, May 02, 2003

The iPod of tomorrow?

As you probably know, iTunes 4 has added the ability to put album cover art with each of your songs.

I put art on about 180 songs today, and then updated my (old 5 GB) iPod. To my surprise, each song that I had added cover art to had to be updated in my iPod. More surprising, is the fact that this update consumed hard drive space on the 'Pod.

I'm not going speculate on this (yet, at least), but it would suggest that some data is being added to the iPod after applying cover art. I haven't seen any reliable evidence suggesting that Apple will actually create a color-screen iPod, but this definitely suggests that something's up.

It should be noted that the most reasonable explanation is that iTunes incorporates the cover art into the file's tag, increasing its size.


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