Tuesday, May 06, 2003

The "e" stands for... something...

Long predicted, but not really long awaited (sorry, but it's a freakishly ugly machine), eMac updates have finally arrived. Oh joy. It's quite depressing when you can get a machine better than your own for $600 less than you paid for your less-than-a-year-old machine (it's a risk we all take).

That's right. These babies are dirt cheap. Oh course I've never seen a baby weighing in a 50 pounds, but that's besides the point. With three models, and a BTO option, ranging from $799 to $1,299, these things are priced to sell.

Clock speeds reach 1 GHz in the top two (and BTO) models, and the Superdrive now burns discs at a staggering (you may want to sit down, this is a shocker) 4x speed. Whoa. Sarcasm aside, AirPort Extreme replaces the old 802.11b wireless, and we'll all just assume there's no catastrophic problem with the flat CRTs.

Sarcasm actually aside, this suggests that the iBook may be closer to another revision than currently thought. My guess (hell, you could call it a prediction) is that Apple's got a major iBook update on the way (including a welcome redesign), but such an update would hurt Powerbook sales if released now. Why is this suggested? The iBook (along with the 15" Powerbook) still sports 802.11b AirPort, and Apple seems determined to switch to the new wireless standard ASAP.

Sure, it's depressing how cheap the new eMacs are, but I can always take comfort in the fact that my iMac isn't nearly as ugly.


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