Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Apple Legal Strikes!

Quick! Get the kids into the basement! Lock the doors! Close the windows! Apple Legal is on the loose!
All right, maybe their latest attack isn't that dramatic, but Apple's infamous legal department is out on the prowl, striking down a Think Secret article on wireless phone support in iSync.

Oh, and it gets stranger, too. Not just has Apple shot down a seemingly harmless iSync rumor, but they did it by seriously threatening Think Secret. And that's not quite strange enough. The article in question is over a week old.

While being quite a crazy situation, it's worthwhile to point out that iSync hasn't seen a major update since version 1.0 was released. Apple may be in line to release 1.1 - with or without this rumored wireless phone support - soon. One other possibility to consider is that this is more of a preemptive strike, designed to prevent another rumor from coming out.

No matter what the case, one question comes to mind: "Why all the fighting over iSync? Come on! It's just iSync!


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