Friday, May 30, 2003

An added fiber diet?

The French strike again! Er, on second thought, maybe I should explain first.

MacBidouille's freakishly constant PowerPC 970 rumor dispensing continues, today addressing two of the Mystery Ports mentioned in one of their recent articles (See "Oooohh... 'Mystery Ports'..." from 5/29, below).

What fills this pesky pair of ports? Would you believe high-bandwidth FibreChannel ports? These are the super-high-speed connections used to keep the Xserve RAID up and running. Not even the regular Xserve has standard FibreChannel ports, thus raising the question: "What the hell?"

Now one thing should be made very clear: MacBidouille never said this was a Powermac motherboard that we're dealing with. They just said it was PowerPC 970. Some people are now speculating that this could be an Xserve or theoretical "Xstation" workstation motherboard. Some have even suggested that this could be a return of desktop servers, al la the pre-Jobsian era (also known as the Dark Ages).

I haven't seen nearly enough information - rumor or otherwise - to make me think Apple's developing a workstation, and I don't think we're looking at one here. And I definitely don't think we're looking at desktop servers. I'd guess that either this is a revamped Xserve 970 motherboard, or that MacBidouille is completely off its rocker.

Who knows, maybe someone spiked the wine...


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