Tuesday, May 27, 2003

The 411 on 970s at 6/23?

According to French rumor site MacBidouille, the very first PowerPC 970 Macs have been completed and are ready and waiting to ship to eager resellers.

This offers further (not that it's particularly needed) support towards a 970 announcement on June 23, as the feature of the WWDC Keynote speech. Well, is there any way this be a more obvious conclusion? Yes, apparently there is. Also according to MacBidouille, all of the boxes feature a seal warning people not to open the boxes until June 23.

The real news here (assuming MacBidouille is right) is that Apple may actually have 970 machines available on the day of, or in the days immediately following, the WWDC Keynote.

It's gonna be a 64-bit summer...


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