Friday, April 18, 2003

without further delay:
Speculating the obvious over and over and over...

LoopRumors is once again on the receiving end of my excess anger today, with yet another freakishly obvious and pointless report coming from the site.

This time, they've decided to "inform" us that Apple might just change the case design of the Powermac. No way! They only do that, like, constantly! According to LoopRumors, Apple will release a redesigned tower featuring the PowerPC 970 processor at some point over a three month period this summer.

My problem is quite simple, what they said is incredibly vague and incredibly obvious. They might as well have come out and said: "Apple will release a new iBook this year." Yes, we know that. Just like we know that Apple will redesign Powermac this year. The Powermac is always being redesigned. We've had Blue and White, Graphite and White, Cube, Quicksilver, and Mirrored Drive Doors Powermacs. That's five designs over four years, number six is just around the corner.

It's not that I'm upset because LoopRumors reported something so obvious, I'm upset because that's all they did. Speculate! Come on, you're a rumormonger, act like one.


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