Monday, April 21, 2003

Wild, cryptic, and otherwise bizarre speculation (it's that much fun!)...

Mac Rumors is posting an extremely, and admittedly, cryptic rumor about some kind of "communicating device" that Apple plans to release in the next few weeks.

Not a phone, not a PDA, but a standalone device with Powerbook, Cinema Display, and other various types of connectivity, that allow it to be used with other Macs as well. And yes, Mac Rumors says they have a reliable source here.

Okay, what is it? Without further information from Mac Rumors, I can only speculate, so speculate I shall!
I'm guessing that we're looking at something al la Macwhispers 8-inch mini-tablet (as reported here), with Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme connectivity. With any luck, it would utilize Rendezvous for fast syncing (not that I have anything against iSync).

Obviously, Inkwell would be the main source for input, although I wouldn't rule out a USB port, which would allow users to add a keyboard. I also wouldn't be surprised if Apple tossed in a Firewire port for super-fast wired transfers.

This kind of completely speculative device would be a sort of Newton/iBook offspring. Utilizing a G3 (we're still waiting on a device to use the GOBI), and some version of OS X (perhaps one slightly modified for a faster boot, and less battery drain). It would have a compact but large hard drive, al la iPod, and iBook-or-better battery life.

Yes, this is just me speculating on an incredibly cryptic rumor. But I wouldn't be surprised to see something like this come out of Apple (my reaction would be "pleasantly surprised," minus the "surprised"). For now, we'll all have to wait and see what else surfaces at the major rumormongers. Of course, we can always speculate...


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