Thursday, April 10, 2003

The Tuesday after the Tuesday after next!
The Legend of the iPod Update continues!

That's right folks! According to Think Secret, the iPod updates that were speculated to be ready for release two months straight are finally on their way. The reported release date: The last week of April.

And it looks like this will be more than just a minor update. If Think Secret's sources are correct, the new iPod line will feature two models, a 15 GB and a 30 GB, both with a charging/docking cradle. The 5 and 20 GB models will be discontinued, and the 10 GB will fall into the $299 price range. They even have a spiffy Photoshop pic of the new design, which has one very odd change - actually four. The four control buttons encircling the outside of the scroll wheel are now round buttons above the wheel. Odd.

Also reported is the integration of USB 2.0 on Windows models for better PC compatibility.

Why the long wait? As many (myself included) began to speculate after reports of an Apple music service came out, it looks like the release of the new iPods will be simultaneous with the announcement of such a music service. I predict Apple will integrate the service into iTunes 4.

Here's the real kicker:
As you may remember, when rumor sites (once again, myself included) were speculating wildly about updated iPods back in February and March, the favorite line seemed to be "Next Tuesday!" We were all waiting for the Tuesday that Apple would release these iPods.
Many reports now suggest that Apple will release its new music service (we'll assume iPods included) on April 28. Monday, April 28.
Steve Jobs has a cruel sense of humor...


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