Thursday, April 03, 2003

The tangled web of justification...

If you frequent a Forum like the Mac Forums at Mac Rumors, you know there's plenty of hot debate about the potential for Apple to release the PPC 970 in Powerbooks soon. Many people make the point of "How will Apple justify it?!" It's a point that's come up often recently. Here are my thoughts from this Mac Forums thread:

I keep hearing: "How will Apple justify doing this?!" and "How will Apple justify doing that?!"

The answer is that Apple doesn't have to justify anything. In fact, there'll probably be a period of time later this year when Apple simply isn't justifying something. It's unavoidable.

Apple has a ton of stuff to roll out. New towers. New laptops. New tablets (and such). All with a new processor and OS version, just to make things more difficult. They can't release everything at once, so things are going to be a little odd for a while. Deal with it.

It makes sense for Powermac 970s and Powerbook 970s to be announced (possibly released) at the same time. It happened with the G3, and the 970 itself is both faster and less power consuming (on the lower clock speeds, that is) than the G4. I'm actually beginning to wonder if Apple will skip the G4 alltogether in the iBook and go straight to low-speed 970s.

There's precedent for such an unjustified release situation. Think just a few months back, before the latest iMac update.
The eMac was running at similar G4 clock speeds, had a Superdrive, and was far cheaper than the iMac. Some people called question to it, although not as many as now, when we're in a speculative situation. In the end, the low eMac prices didn't hurt iMac sales that much, but the cost gap between the two was definitely large.

Apple has a lot to get done in the next several months, things will get confusing. That happens. Life will go on, and we'll all ride Woz's Segway's into the sunset.


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