Friday, April 18, 2003

Speaking of Powermacs...

Macwhispers, which has been reporting and speculating on a Powermac 970 redesign for a while now, has made a major step forward in Powermac rumors.

Today, the sight revealed that information suggests that the front of the new Powermac will be made out of Powerbook-style anodized aluminum. The rest of the machine will be primarily plastic, as before, but will feature this interesting new front.

A move like this would push the tower's design back to the very sleek "Quicksilver" look, which was possibly the best tower design ever (with exception to the G4 Cube, of course). Macwhispers actually says that their manufacturing source claims the look is actually sleeker than that of the current or even Quicksilver towers.

Macwhispers goes on to mention that various things they've heard suggest that this new tower will be "hugely different from the tower design we've been enjoying since 1999." A radical design change wouldn't be surprising, and many people hope that such a change would move Firewire and USB ports to the front of the machine.

In the end, the real pressing question (wow, the second real question of the day) is: "Will I be able to power my wind tunnel with the new tower's fan?"


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