Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Software follies...

LoopRumors is reporting (after some slightly inaccurate last minute predictions yesterday) that Apple is working on a completely new iPod OS, 2.0. Such speculation has been sparked by the iPod feedback page, which lists one of the possible iPod software versions as 2.0. The most recent release was 1.3.

LoopRumors has gone to speculate that this could be the software to a color screen iPod coming this summer, but they're wrong. While I haven't confirmed this, version 1.3 is the software release for existing iPods (the version that doesn't contain features like Solitaire and On-the-Go Playlists), while version 2.0 will be the standard OS on the new iPods available this Friday (see "'Pod party!" below).

By the way, if you're upset that you can't get version 2.0's spiffy features on your "older" iPod, head over to that feedback page and tell Apple (here's the link, again). It appears version 2.0 just isn't available yet, and some people are speculating that Apple will make an "older iPod compatible" version downloadable by the end of the week (perhaps on May 2?). Such software speculation is now reflected in the "rumor watch" column.

Come on Apple! We want to play Solitaire, not have a solitaire game! (that's bad, I know...)


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