Sunday, April 06, 2003

So many rumors, so little time...

Alas, when you speculate crazily and wildly, there is a tendency to find that speculation incorrect. Apple did in fact release Shake 3, Final Cut Pro 4, and DVD Studio Pro 2, at their NAB press conference today.

These announcements were expected (although they were actually expected tomorrow), and yet, more questions are arising about Apple's future plans.

When will we finally see Apple admit that the 5 GB iPod is gone forever? And, in an interesting twist to that story, is the 10 GB iPod on its way out (as reported by MacBidouille)?
When will we see the 15.4" aluminum Powerbook? And, in yet another twist, will the PowerPC 970 see its debut in such a laptop (as reported by Macwhispers)?
When will the iBook be updated?
When will we see the reported Apple tablet (if we even do)?
Is the 970 really ahead of schedule?
And, most importantly, will Steve Jobs copy of iCal be able to support so many product announcements??

Only time will be able to answer these questions, but for now we can all speculate.


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