Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Power to the books?

Macwhispers has gone to speculate that Apple will introduce the PowerPC 970 in the long-upcoming 15.4" Powerbook, instead of in the Powermac (perhaps at the same time?).

The idea isn't that crazy, but it would delay the new 15" Powerbook, originally predicted for late-February/March, all the way to the WWDC in June. The real advantage to 970 laptops is the more power-friendly design of the chip, not to mention the faster clock speeds.

Here's another thought, many people have voiced concern about Apple's strategy with the iBook. iBook updates are expected to surface in the next month or so, and many problems have come from the speculation. If the iBook uses a G4, or a faster G3 (the more likely of the two), there's a real possibility that 12" Powerbook sales could sink in favor of the cheaper iBook. If Apple is planning a 970 overhaul of the Powerbook line in June, they may also have plans for changes to the iBook around that time (maybe as much as a month before). Just maybe...


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