Friday, April 11, 2003

A Podded future...
The Legend of the iPod update continues!

Mac Rumors is reporting confirmation of Think Secret's rumors of iPod design changes. Also out of Mac Rumors is a blurb that claims Apple will drop the chrome from the iPod's back in the DLD's new look.

From my experiences with my two iPods, the white plastic gets more scraped and banged up than the chrome. Yeah, the chrome smudges, but that's what the black carrying case is for!

Such a design change, hand in hand with the reported button movements could be one huge mistake, or not. From Think Secret's rendering of the new design, we can't tell much about the overall look of the device. For that, we'll just have to wait.

I think new button placement detracts from the iPod's cool look. That said, I could see how people with touch-sensitive scroll wheels might like not having to worry about changing the volume when they pause.

In the end, it's hard to really comment on the design right now, as we really don't know what the new iPods will look like... yet.


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