Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Inaccuracies Abound!

The latest update at Mac OS Rumors is out, reminding us to laugh a little... at the expense of others.

MOSR covers all the major recent speculation, going on to post their own predictions, or mispredictions.

- Despite evidence suggesting otherwise, MOSR claims that the 970 won't make its way into the Powerbook until 2004.
No matter what you think about Macwhispers Powerbook 970 prediction, the idea of Apple weakening its "Year of the Laptop" sales by waiting over half a year to introduce a portable 970 is ridiculous.

- Rather than putting the 970 in the Powerbook, MOSR thinks that we'll see Dual-G4 17" machines in the fall.
That's incredibly ridiculous. The machine would weigh too much, mostly because it would need more battery power, with either more or larger batteries. The G4 is incredibly inefficient compared to the 970.

- Countering Think Secret's latest report on iBook updates, MOSR claims that the little laptop will receive a major redesign in a month's time.
This is the most plausible thing out of MOSR today, and actually something I'd like to see happen (I'm in the market for an iBook). That said, Think Secret is far more reliable than MOSR, the site received MacUnderground's second highest accuracy honor for its MWSF03 predictions.

So, congratulations to Mac OS Rumors for another stunningly inaccurate report!


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