Monday, April 14, 2003

iBooks, taxes, stock, and more...

There's a lot to think about in terms of an Apple hardware release this week. Most obviously, tomorrow is tax day. But there's far more the consider.

First, Think Secret has reported that we'll see iBook speed bumps tomorrow, a disappointment to those (this blog author included) hoping - and still betting on - a major revision to the line.

Ah, but Think Secret's prediction doesn't go unchallenged. Macwhispers is now reporting that the plastic housing for the iBook, as well as those for the eMac, have "recently been slightly modified" and "have been shipping for assembly for about three weeks." That actually wouldn't rule out an iBook announcement tomorrow, it would just be a few more weeks before they ship.

Also to consider is Apple's stock price. Sometimes we forget Steve Jobs is actually the CEO of a Wall Street company (he also runs Apple! Sorry, couldn't resist a Pixar joke). On Wednesday, at 4:00 CDT, Apple will hold a conference call, revealing their Q2 financial results. Company stock took an 8% hit on Friday, and if earnings news isn't exactly upbeat, it could bring about some bad press.
So, if Apple wanted to distract shareholders from a slight loss or lackluster gain per share, they might announce a new product on tomorrow or Wednesday.

The long-speculated iPod revision looks to be a couple weeks off, to be released with iTunes 4/Apple Music Service. And the 15.4" Powerbook seems to be on hold still, so an iBook announcement would make the most sense this week.


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