Sunday, April 06, 2003

Crazy wild speculation...

As reported last night, Apple is holding a press conference between Noon and 1 Pacific time later today at "NAB2003." Many people expect the release of Final Cut Pro 4, Shake 3, and DVD Studio Pro 2, but I thought I might speculate wildly for a moment.

Here, you can see an entire schedule of press conferences at NAB, and if you scroll down below Apple, you'll see another company closely associated with recent Apple rumors. IBM is holding a press conference between 1 and 1:45 Pacific, right after Apple's conference.

Now, you're probably thinking "sure, that's a fine coincidence, but so what?" I've got your so what right here. While the info on Apple's conference is just "Courtesy shuttle from Panasonic's press conference to Apple's press conference provided." IBM's conference blurb describes what they plan on announcing: "At NAB2003 IBM is set to unveil a new technology framework, designed for broadcasters, new digital media technology, and several new customer engagements." Several new consumer engagements, eh?

So here's my totally wild speculation:
Recent rumors conflict general thoughts about Apple's upcoming product releases, one suggesting that the long overdue 15.4" Powerbook will debut the PowerPC 970 (made by IBM). A recent Macwhispers report even claims that the 970 is significantly ahead of schedule. So, one could conclude that Apple and IBM could announce their partnership with the 970 today. It would explain the total lack of news from Cupertino in the past month.

Yes, it's a crazy thought, but it is possible, even if unlikely. I warned you, it's wild speculation.


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