Friday, April 18, 2003


LoopRumors is now reporting that Apple may release iTunes 4 with the new music service on its way later this month.

It's been my opinion since rumors of Apple's music service, which should be released April 28, were confirmed that the service would be integrated into a new version of iTunes. It would be the release of iTunes 4.

It's a matter of common sense, here. Apple likes to keep the iApps closely integrated and easy to use. Making the music service a separate app would go against these sort of iPrinciples. And, we mustn't forget that iTunes was the only iLife iApp not updated at MWSF, although at that point iTunes 3 was still relatively new.

With that settled (at least for now), the real serious question becomes: "What musical note will Apple use in the iTunes 4 icon?!"


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