Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Book him, Lou. iBook him

As you know, Apple quietly bumped up the iBook line yesterday (congrats to Think Secret for correctly predicting the specs).

As many have noticed, it was a very weak revision, not even featuring AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth support. So here's my thought, "don't buy an iBook!!!" The iBook is in dire need of a real revision, and one is definitely on the way, although still a few months down the line.

In fact, it would be my advice to keep away from making any hardware purchases right now. There're too many loose ends out in rumor land right now.
We'll probably see new iPods and the Apple Music Service/iTunes 4 next week. And then there's the cryptic "communicating device" rumor to keep an eye on.
The 15" Powerbook still hasn't been upgraded, and neither has the eMac (some rumors suggest the 50 pound desktop is nearing the end of its life).
Of course, all eyes remain on when Apple will announce the PowerPC 970 (probably at WWDC in June), and what machines the 64-bit processor will debut in.
Let's not forget the buzz around Panther (OS X 10.3). While many predict that it'll see an August/September release (Apple will announce it in June, at WWDC), we could see it much earlier, depending on the timing of 970 machines.

My point is, considering the rumor landscape right now, it would be a bad idea to buy a computer - desktop or otherwise - until at least some of these loose ends tie themselves up.


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