Monday, April 28, 2003

"Beyond Music," understatement of the year...

That's right folks, Steve Jobs has concluded his fantastic little expo-less Keynote - which was viewable over a Quicktime stream - and has set a new level of innovation for the music industry.

Of course, the big announcement was the release of iTunes 4, including the iTunes Music Store. iTunes 4 is available for download today, although as of now the Apple website has yet to be completely updated. And it gets better, as the iTunes Music Store will be PC compatable by year's end.

Obviously, the other major announcement is the near-immediate availablity of redesigned iPods (note, this is the iPod Specs page, the iPod main page hasn't been updated to reflect today's announcements, yet). Sporting a sleeker, lighter design, backlit buttons above the scroll wheel, a docking station supporting USB 2, and the most functional iPod OS yet (available today). The new system features two new games, a customizeable UI, the ability to make playlists on the go, and more. Best of all, it works on all iPod models (hurrah for the 5 GB iPod!).

More later (when I get a chance to download this stuff). But until then, good job Steve.


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