Sunday, April 27, 2003

Absurd to the point of hilarity

If you're a regular reader (assuming I have regular readers) you know that I, on occasion, am editorially critical of the rumormonger LoopRumors. That said, I believe they've gone quite insane with their latest, and most absurd, prediction: Apple is making an iPod/iPhone/(here's the kicker)Mouse.

That's right, a mouse with phone on the bottom, and a hard drive inside. Where did such a crazy idea come from? Well, recent (and less insane) rumors suggested that Apple is putting a iPod-like rotary wheel on the standard Pro Mouse. It would be used for scrolling, and would have a button in the middle for a two-button mouse effect (accuracy of such mouse rumors is debatable).

So, LoopRumors claims that someone emailed them diagrams (posted with their little story) of this all-in-one-ish "thing." It has this rotary scroller on the top mouse part, with a 15 or 30 GB internal hard drive. Heavy for a mouse, eh?
On the bottom, you'll find (mind you, this is the same bottom that will touch various surfaces during mouse use) phone and iPod controls, operated by a number pad on the bottom and the scroller on the top. There's also an iPod-screen on the bottom, and the laser for the mouse.

This is completely absurd. Apple won't make a phone. Apple won't make a mouse with a hard drive in it. We're not even sure if Apple is actually making a scroll wheel mouse. The diagrams illustrate how massive this mouse is (sure, Yao Ming could use it, but what about the rest of us?), and LoopRumors doesn't explain how the thing connects to a Mac (details, details, details...).

So absurd, it's kinda funny.


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