Thursday, March 20, 2003

Yeah, right...

According to MacMinute, PC Magazine's John Dvorak, a man whose dislike for the Mac is only surpassed by the inaccuracy of his predictions about the platform, is preaching his vision of Apple's future. With Intel.

He thinks that Apple will switch to Intel processors within the next 18 months. Yeah, and my name's Nancy (it isn't). Here's what the great prophet Dvorak invisions:
- A "transition machine" featuring both an Intel and Motorola processor. That would give Mac users time to hoard all the remaining G4s...
- Mac OS X optimized for Intel's magical Intanium chip. That's the chip that produces enough heat to fry an egg and bacon, isn't it?
- An announcement of such plans at MWNY or Comdex. Two problems. First, Apple still doesn't plan on attending the summer Macworld. Second, do you know how many times Apple attends Comdex? Never.

To add further insults to his injuries, Dvorak doesn't even mention IBM's PowerPC 970! The least he could have done was try to dismiss the 64-bit chip Apple is widely expected to adopt later this year.

This is why Pee-Cee people shouldn't be permitted to speculate about the Mac. That said, it is pretty funny to have John Dvorak make a fool of himself. "Ha ha."


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