Friday, March 07, 2003


Apple has completed another version of the Safari Beta, v64. Like the last Safari Beta, v62, v64 is not available to the public. You may recall that the big news with v62 was the addition of tabs, which have reportedly been refined in v64.

Many people are scrambling to try and find a copy of v64, including one intrepid blog author. The real question raised however, is "Why hasn't Apple release a public version of Safari with tabs?!"
Here are the explanations I've put together:

1. v62 was the introduction of tabs, a real beta test of them. Reports say that v64 has really refined the system, making it even better than that of Chimera/Camino (which was just released as version 0.7).
2. Bugs. Plain and simple. One forum post reported black text turning green in v64.
3. While I've seen no report of any Huge Problems, we can't forget the two or three people who had their entire Home directories wiped out by the initial Safari Public Beta.

What's clear here, is that a full Safari Public Beta with tabs is on the way, but for those who just can't wait, there's always Limewire.


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