Friday, March 28, 2003

Surfin' Safari...

RAILhead Design is speculating that Apple will release the next Public Safari beta "in the very near future - any day, actually." Seems like an odd thing for a design website to report, but whatever.

I actually think that we could see the next Public beta today, with a little hubbub at Apple's website. The new version would most likely feature tabs and AutoFill, both of which have been experimented with in recent seeded betas, like the most recent beta, v67. Unfortunately for people like me, Apple has ended the Safari seed program, making it that much harder to find the copy of the latest unreleased beta.

Safari v67 is actually very stable, almost as ready as v60 (the last public beta). The AutoFill feature apparently works (I haven't used it, but others have), and the tabbed browsing is feature-rich and better than that of Chimera/Camino.
The only noticeable bug is when you set the tab bar to be always in the window. The original tab's graphic stays in the "selected" state. It's a minor nuisance at best. Or would that be a "minor nuisance at worst"? Whatever, you know what I mean.


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