Saturday, March 29, 2003

The road to tablet town...
Part 2

Macwhispers, the site that initially brought somewhat concrete info on a possible tablet to the web, has yet more facts on its rumored tablet enclosure.

Here's some of the latest:
- Macwhispers has confirmed an almost completely open front face for a screen.
- Based on gathered info, they believe there's a space for a removable battery, along with an area with two rectangular ports concealed behind a door.
- A "small" rectangular through-hole on the right edge.
- (Here's the kicker) Quoting Macwhispers: "The enclosure has just now gone into actual production in 'large quantities.'"

It looks like a tablet could very well be on the horizon. Check in later for my own analysis and speculation in Part 3 of today's big news, "The road to tablet town." (Yes, I realize it's kind of annoying to break this into parts, but keep these words in mind: deal with it.)


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