Monday, March 10, 2003

Power Trip...

Mac Rumors is reporting on a MacBidouille post about IBM's PowerPC 970 and Apple. According to the rumor, Apple will present the 970 at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in May. There will even be a prototype 970 Mac at the show. On top of all this, rumors claim that a 64-bit OS X is in beta now.

MacBidouille also reports on recent 2.5 GHz 970 rumors, claiming that the speed can be reached at 0.13 microns (a good thing), but that it's a power-hungry process that generates too much heat (a bad thing).

All in all, an announcement at the WWDC featuring the 970 would be unexpected, but not unwelcome. IBM isn't yet mass-producing the processor, and older rumors suggest they wouldn't start until June. Announcing a 970 Mac before they're in production could torpedo PowerMac G4 sales, although doing so at a developer show would make sense. It's expected that Mac OS X 10.3 will be available as a 64-bit system.


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