Sunday, March 02, 2003

Patent Bonanza!

Mac Rumors is reporting on a new Apple patent for voice recognition hardware. It appears to filter out background noise using a two microphone system. Apple hasn't made any public announcement of such hardware.

For my analysis, here are my thoughts from the Mac Forums thread on the subject (I'd write something new, but I'm in a hurry):

Let's think about OS X for sec.
Speech Recognition serves very little purpose in the system, besides Universal Access. Then there's Inkwell, which serves even less purpose. Apple is testing technology using OS X.

The real question is what are they building up to?

What about a mini-tablet with voice-input as well as native handwriting recognition? Inkwell seems to work well for those who have tried it (I haven't, but the recognition in my eMate works very well, and Inkwell is based on Newton tech), which means Apple could really put it to use.

Just imagine the overall innovation in a device that can read handwriting and dictate speech. If we take other rumors into account, it would be one amazing little gadget.

What's clear here is that Apple is getting ready to "Wow" us. I'm hoping for a Blue Dalmatian blender that switches modes based on voice commands.



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