Monday, March 24, 2003


Mac Rumors is back up and running, all signs point to 970s at WWDC, LoopRumors is taking credit for Apple's Panther talk, and Cupertino axes the Safari seed program. And it's only Monday morning.

For starters, Mac Rumors is back from a slight hiatus (Congrats on the wedding, arn!), and moving full steam ahead, pulling up real talk about:

The PowerPC 970. New speculation suggests that the 64-bit chip, which will require a 64-bit OS, will be announced at the WWDC in San Francisco this June. Apple's homepage now proclaims that the conference will feature an in-depth look at "Panther," also know as Mac OS X 10.3.
Many believe that Apple will put 64-bit processor support into Panther, making the WWDC the perfect time to announce the 970's future with Apple.

Speaking of WWDC and Panther, LoopRumors is confident that we'll see iChat 2 in the new OS. And, in their "iBall" column, the folks at LoopRumors are taking credit for Apple's announcement of the revealing of Panther at WWDC 2003. They claim that the idea comes right from their editorial suggesting Apple should announce release plans in advance. Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

Meanwhile, Safari is roaring ahead, it's just quieter now. Apple has discontinued a program that allowed certain people to get the latest beta early and help work out the bugs. This is same program that has allowed people like myself to download copies of unreleased Safari betas, like v62, 64, and (the latest) 67.

Talk is stirring of news from Cupertino this week, as Mac Rumors points out a series of minor hardware changes last week. Perhaps those new iPods from two months ago next Tuesday are finally on their way. Or maybe 15" AlBooks. And we can't rule out new iBooks, either (it is the year of the laptop).

Lastly, the folks at the Joy of Tech are reminding us all of a special anniversary today. Mac OS X, the biggest OS out of Apple since the ill-fated Project Copland, is two years old.


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