Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Mayhem on the safari for Safari...

Yes, I'm on a safari of my own to find the latest unreleased Safari Beta, v65. It's proving to be much more difficult than my previous safari for v64.

Until I can report on v65, here are my thoughts about Safari...
Okay, the last public release was v60. Since then, Apple has stuck tabs and Autofill into Safari. It's time for another public release. I'm thinking it'll be v66, and it'll be soon.
Just think about it, there was v60, v62, v64, and now, v65. No 61 or 63. While it is true that there could be other explanations for it, I'm willing to speculate that Apple planned on making the next public release v66, and didn't want to muck plan up.
From what I've heard about v65, it's stable, and almost ready for primetime. It's probably Apple's final test of the tabs and Autofill, and a last check for major bugs.

My final words: Hang in there. Apple will release a new Safari Public Beta within a week.


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