Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Gone to meet the Happy Mac at the retirement home...

Today Apple discontinued the G3 iMac. The end of model, but not the end of a legacy. From Bondi to Fruit Flavors, "Elroy" to "Life Savers," - and let's not forget Blue Dalmatian ("Perigree")! - the original iMac design will go down in computing history.

Farewell, our translucent plastic encased friend. We all know you'll enjoy your retirement with Pomona, Malibu, P1, Q, and Macintosh*.

On the speculative front, Apple is obviously preparing us for the end of the G3. Although the iBook may continue to sport the Altivec-less processor through its next revision, Apple is definitely preparing for something big.
The G3 iMac is still available through Apple's education store.

* Codenames for: The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, the Macintosh Portable, the Bondi Clamshell iBook, the Newton MessagePad 2000, and the original Macintosh.


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