Sunday, March 16, 2003

The end of Claris?

Think Secret is reporting on a few things this weekend, including possible acquisitions by Apple, talk of changes at MWNY this summer, and a funeral for Appleworks.

That's right, according to TS there will be no Appleworks 7. "Whoo Hoo!" Instead we should see an iLife-like package called "iWorks," coming later this year. What an innovative name!

iWorks could very well be the final blow to Apple dependence on Microsoft software. The Office-like package would include Keynote, a word processor possibly named "Document," and spreadsheet and database apps. Once again, "Whoo Hoo!"

What makes this more interesting is how it strings together two other rumors, from two other sites, that come right to mind. Back in January, Macwhispers published this article reporting on an app called "Document." And, in February Spymac reported that iLife was the first in a series of app bundles.

While the Spymac post suggests that Apple would actually be stupid enough to charge for Safari, iChat, and Mail, the idea is still very in line with a possible "iWorks."

Just in case you don't know, I hate Appleworks. I've hated it since it was Claris Works all those years ago. It's a lousy office app that Apple would be very right to kill. Once Appleworks is buried, Apple will open itself up to offering better applications with more use to users. It's time to give Microsoft Office a run for its money.


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