Thursday, March 06, 2003

Book Club...

Interesting rumors are afoot today, with Mac OS Rumors posting the vague generalized predictions they're famous for.

According to their latest report, Safari could see tabs in its next Beta release (nobody, like Think Secret, has thought of that!), which should arrive in upcoming weeks (thankfully, they didn't expend precious energy picking a specific week or day!).

But here's the interesting news: iBook updates should arrive in upcoming months! General vagueness at its best! Alright, that isn't really interesting, but what's been learned because of that report is. Mac Rumors reported on MOSR and also revealed that an unknown (thus unreliable) source claims that the updates are much coming much sooner. A post in the related forum thread of unconfirmed reliability went on to say that dealers are selling off current iBook stock, and that Apple isn't filling new orders for them.

The last minor iBook update was late last year, but the last major revision was when the 14" was released. All in all, many people (including myself) believe that new enclosures are on the way (I'm personally hoping for some colors). Beyond that, it looks like they'll stick with the G3 processor, probably the GOBI model Think Secret reported on. The new 'Books will most likely get a wireless tune up, with AirPort Extreme support and optional Bluetooth. The unconfirmed forum post also hints at a 15" model, possibly replacing the 14" one.

Considering that this is the Year of the Laptop, a major iBook revision only seems natural. I'm willing to bet that these will come sooner than we currently think, but if there is a new case design, Apple's doing a good job keeping it under wraps ("come on Blue Dalmatian iBook!").


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