Tuesday, March 11, 2003

A blogged wrath!

LoopRumors is the recipient of my excess anger today, as they've posted an incredibly obvious story, throwing in an unconfirmable, although likely, factoid. They're reporting that Apple just might run some kind of groundbreaking ad during the Superbowl next year, and it just might be to commemorate the Twentieth Anniversary of the Macintosh (gasp!)! They claim that ad agency Chait Day is already brainstorming for this all-important ad.

Really, this isn't news. Everyone expects Apple to run some awesome Superbowl ad next year. The original Macintosh was unveiled in 1984, in an ad called "1984," which some consider to be the greatest Superbowl ad ever. As for the ad planning, considering the importance of such a major Superbowl ad, it should be no surprise that Chait is already working on it.

Note: While Apple actually had a computer called the "Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh" (TAM) a few years back, that was actually the twentieth anniversary of the Apple.
Also, note: My excess anger is about equal to the amount of anger incurred arriving at a red light on the way to Cinnabon.


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