Tuesday, February 04, 2003


With iMac updates supposedly hours away, new details appear to be emerging about the new machines.
Mac Rumors reports that there will be three models, starting at $1299 and $1499 with 15" LCDs, and topping out at $1799, the sole 17" model. This directly (and openly in the post) counters with what AppleInsider is reporting. They claim that there will be four new machines, following this scale:
15" 867MHz, CD-RW, $999
17" 867MHz, Combo Drive, $1199
17" 867MHz, SuperDrive, $1499
17" 1GHz, SuperDrive, $1699

I find AppleInsider's specs hard to believe, as I think there will be more machines above 867 MHz. I also disagree with Mac Rumors on this, as I think there will be more machines with the coveted 17" LCD.
We'll all know soon enough...


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