Monday, February 17, 2003


Talk is growing about the likelihood of iPod revisions tomorrow.
Spymac is reporting that Apple could release the updated 15" Powerbook as early as next week, confirming suspicions about this week's Apple announcement.

While there's been quite a bit of talk about iPods with who-knows-what bells and whistles, most sites are sticking to a plain hard drive upgrade, coupled with $100 price adjustments.
Talk is stirring about the possibility of some digital device in the near future (later this year) really making some innovations to the world of small gizmos. Macwhispers is prompting speculation everywhere, by posting their raw rumor facts (oxymoron, yes), and as mentioned yesterday, Think Secret thinks that there's a radical new device on its way.

No matter what the case is, tomorrow's just a day away...


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