Friday, February 21, 2003

Tablet Talk

Mac Rumors has posted a well thought out article on the possibility of a tablet, and various recent rumors regarding them. It's a good read, and the corresponding forum thread promises to be good.

Rather than type up an opinion right now (it is 12 midnight, and I'd like to get some sleep), I'm going to post my thoughts straight from the Mac Forums thread on the article (my username is pyrotoaster).

Originally posted at the Mac Forums
We need to broaden our horizons a bit, here.

This tablet-device will most likely have a completely different form factor than that of Table-PCs and PDAs.

Think something along the lines of iPod meets MessagePad 2000/2100.
Bigger than a PDA, with a real hard drive, but smaller than a tablet-PC. Some people refer to the Newton as the first PDA, others call it the first tablet. In actuality, it was a bit of both (although the MP100s were very PDA-ish compared to the MP2x00s and the eMate).
One of the coolest features of the later Newton devices was the ability to switch the screen from vertical to horizontal. In today's era of widescreen everything, that would be a pretty cool feature.

I also doubt that this device would run Mac OS X.
Apple would have to compromise the OS too much to make functional on a small device like this. Instead, I think we should expect an OS X-lite, perhaps with a name all its own, like the Newton OS, which many people, myself included, still think was a great system.

Also, Think Secret talked about new G3s, that have yet to materialize in anything. How much do we really know about these chips? I'm just speculating here, but what they aren't for new iBooks, but instead for a fully loaded portable device?

All I really know, is that whatever this thing is, it's the biggest thing keeping my cash away from a new iBook. The sooner the better, Apple!


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