Saturday, February 15, 2003

Stating the obvious is hard work!

LoopRumors has finally gotten around to mentioning the imminent iPod updates, and does so with such lack of information or opinion, that it has many saying "Duh!" Just check out this MacForums thread.
The LoopRumors blurb fails to mention the demise of the 5 GB iPod or the introduction of a 40 GB one (Toshiba, who makes the iPod's hard drives, has quit production of the 5 GB drive used by Apple. They've also started production of slimmer 20 GB drives and new 40 GB ones).
But they do tell us when we'll see the new 'Pods: "Very Soon."
Whew! I'm glad they didn't overwhelm me by speculating a possible release week, or even (thank goodness) a possible day.
Seriously, new iPods may very well arrive next week, although there's also a lot of buzz around the release of new 15.4" Powerbooks.
Any release next week would be the fourth straight week featuring a product announcement.


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