Friday, February 07, 2003

Slow rumor day...

In fact, it's so slow, that I'm actually going to comment on the wacky "reporting" antics over at Mac OS Rumors!
For those who don't get the humor here, MOSR is possibly the least reliable rumormonger on the net to date. For example, on Sunday, they put a six to eight week timeframe on the release of new iMacs.

Anyway, today's more memorable "stories" from the depths of MOSR:

- New iPods "at any moment." Like now! Or now!?
True, the iPod is in store for an update, but I wouldn't trust MOSR for any definitive information. Word is, Toshiba (they produce the iPod's super-sleek hard drive) doesn't plan on continuing production of the 5 GB drive. This would bring an end to the corresponding iPod model. They are however, producing 40 GB drives now (see this AtAT article).

- Apple apparently has prototype wireless keyboards and mice, and the good folks at MOSR "expect this to happen either this summer or early next year."
Yes, we're all longing for cool wireless Apple keyboards and mice, but an eight month timeframe is just a little vague.

- "And what the heck is up with AppleWorks, anyway?"
I honestly hope Apple is suffocating the life out of it. Let's see a new Apple Office (rumors are already flying about a keynote quality text app) this year!


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