Monday, February 17, 2003

Salivating over the imaginary...

Mac Rumors, Macwhispers, and Looprumors have all weighed in regarding the upcoming iPods (some better than others), now it's Think Secret's turn. The fairly accurate site is reporting two things: the obvious, and the intriguing.

The obvious: Apple will release a three model iPod line some time in the near future with 10, 20, and 40 GB models consistent with the design of the current iPods. As for the timing, Think Secret admits that a release could come as early as today or tomorrow, but may be a week or so down the road. Seeing as there's nothing pointing to new Powerbooks this week, I'm inclined to agree with a release in the next couple of days.

The intrigue: Apple isn't changing the iPod's form factor, yet. Think Secret reports that later this year, Apple will unveil a radically new successor to the iPod, "incorporating a feature set significantly different from today's" models.

iNewton, anyone?


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