Monday, February 17, 2003


While a release date for the next iPod revision is still speculation, this week looks promising (and would continue Apple's unprecedented weekly product roll-outs), and I'll try to keep an eye on the rumor sites throughout the day.

The most likely release would be:
- A three model line: 10, 20, and 40 GB (Toshiba no longer manufactures the 5 GB drive Apple has used in the past for the iPod)
- Prices of $299, $399, and $499, respectively
- 20 GB model slimmer (like 10 GB)
- 40 GB model should be the size of the current 20 GB one
- Same form factor as before
- No FireWire 800 (it isn't even on the new iMacs)
- No Bluetooth (besides, who wants to transfer 8,000 mp3's at 1 mbps?)

That's my prediction, and I'm sticking to it.


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