Thursday, February 20, 2003

Oh the conclusions I've seen... (jumped to)

Macwhispers has posted part two of its two part "Five Products we May See from Apple" double feature (apparently, it being two parts is a big deal). And the two products speculated upon left me saying: "What!?"

First, the one thing that does make sense, bluetooth keyboard and mouse. No big surprise there. Although when? is still, and perhaps always will be, up in question.

Like I said before, there were two items of the three mentioned in the article... which consisted of two items... of which there were three... Anyway, two predictions that left me perplexed:
- An Octo-processor Mac
Eight processors? That's not unrealistic, it's insane! You think the MDD Powermac is noisy, wait till you crank up one of these babies!
- A tablet
Steve Jobs himself has said that the tablet may fail to find a market. Why would he build one then?


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