Friday, February 07, 2003

Maybe not that slow...

Low and behold, Macwhispers does have some juicy tidbits worth dwelling on today.

Of particular interest is a report on the future of Apple products.
Here are the highlights:
- The iPod line will be updated minorly this month, with the 10 GB replacing the 20, the 20 slimming down and replacing the 10, and a brand new 40 filling the 20's spot.
- New 15" Powerbooks are being stockpiled for release as I type. The models should have 15.4" screens (as opposed to 15.2"), but Macwhispers offers no other details.
- No eMac update any time soon.
The report doesn't mention the iMac, Powermac, iBook, any kind of future DLD, or the PowerPC 970.

Here are my quick thoughts...
iPod updates this month are no surprise. As I mentioned in my last post (about ten minutes ago), Toshiba has stopped producing the 5 GB hard drive used in the iPod. Next Tuesday is a definite possibility for such a release.
15.4" Powerbook rumors have been circulating for a while, but if this report is accurate, Apple could announce the new laptops within the next few weeks.
As for the eMac, it really needs to be given a chance to lag behind a bit, justifying the extra cost of the iMac.

I really wish the report had featured some speculation on the iBook. When and even if there will be updates to the line is a subject shrouded in mystery for a while now.


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