Monday, February 10, 2003


For those who do, and those who don't, know what Konfabulator is, it's available for download today.
Konfabulator is "whatever you want it to be," or more specifically, an app based on "widgets," sort of mini-apps written in Java Script. The idea is to make developing a widget to do whatever you want it to do extremely easy (although I assume you need to know something about Java Script). And if you can't write your own widget, you could always just "skin" an existing one in Photoshop.

I only learned about Konfabulator yesterday, in the forum hub-bub surrounding the impending release, and I've downloaded version 1.0 already (and I'm guessing many other people have as well, because the Konfabulator website is slow as molasses). It's shareware, so you can take it for a test spin before shelling out the $25 registration (or not, although I'm quite inclined to do so). One of the nicer features of the overall app, no dock icon, but instead, a contextual menu bar menu (oh so Jaguar-y...).

Included with the download are some good starter widgets:
- Two clocks, analog and digital.
- A very cool battery meter (too bad I don't use a laptop!)
- An iTunes remote (which caused Classic to start for some reason...)
- A weather gizmo (26 degrees and cloudy, it must be February)
- A simple calendar
- A to do list (I particularly like this, as I never have the energy to boot up iCal to use its to do list)
- A picture frame that scrolls through your iPhoto library
- A beautiful aqua AirPort signal monitor (a little unnecessary, yes)
- A stock ticker (Apple and Pixar are both down)
Six third-party widgets are already available from the Konfabulator site (including a cool little puzzle game).

All in all, this could be an app that just might change the Mac OS.
As for me, I think I'm going to go pick up a book on Java Script.


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